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This page provides you with the most recent processing times for petitions and applications submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (formerly the INS), the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of State (DOS).

We link to the most recent processing times for each of four USCIS Service Centers and to the National Benefits Center in Missouri. We also link to the processing times of all of 83 USCIS District Offices and Suboffices. The District Offices process applications for (1) adjustment of status, (2) employment authorization documents (EADs), (3) travel permits ("advance parole"), and (4) applications for naturalization. We list the latest processing times of appeals decided by the INS's Administration Appeals Office (AAO). The AAO decides the appeals of denials of most USCIS petitions. Also, we link to the Labor Department's page entitled "Processing dates for labor certification applications". These include both state and federal processing times for both regular and reduction in recruitment (RIR) labor certifications. Finally, we link to the State Department's "Visa Wait Times" page.

USCIS Service Centers and the AAO
• California Service Center
• Texas Service Center
• Nebraska Service Center
• Vermont Service Center
• National Benefits Center
• Administrative Appeals Office (PDF)

USCIS Service Centers and the AAO

Labor Department Processing Times
Processing times for Permanent Labor Certifications are a combination of U.S. Labor Department "Regional Processing Times" and State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) "State Processing Times".

We link to the Labor Department's Official Processing Times.

These times are for
1) Regular Labor Certifications
2) RIR Labor Certifications
3) State Processing Times
4) Labor Condition Applications for H-1B Petitions
5) Labor Certifications for H-2A Agricultural Workers
6) H-2B Temporary Workers

Non-immigrant Visa Wait Times
The Department of State (DOS) issues temporary, nonimmigrant, visas about over 100 consular posts around the world. We link DOS's Visa Wait Times page. Select the appropriate consulate, and learn the current waiting times for receiving a particular type of temporary visa.
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