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AILA Practice Alert: Erroneously Rejected Forms I-485 with Edition Date of 7/15/22

Posted by Mark Ople on 2023-01-11 Read post

DOS Extends Interview Waivers for Certain Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants
Good news for H-1B and other visa applicants and others stuck in consular backlogs.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-29 Read post

USCIS Policy Alert: Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility
The new rule goes into effect on December 23, 2022.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-20 Read post

Options for Nonimmigrant Workers Following Termination of Employment
What can you do if your company terminates your employment?

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-19 Read post

New Version of Form I-485 Becomes Mandatory on December 23, 2022
Be sure to file correctly, or your application will be rejected.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-15 Read post

Tech Worker Layoffs - Considerations for Employees and Employers
The current wave of worker terminations gives rise to significant legal issues for everyone involved.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-08 Read post

COVID 19 Client Practice Advisory
Green Card applicants must provide proof of vaccination.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-12-05 Read post

U.S. District Court Strikes Down Title 42
Judge says it did not rationally serve to protect public safety.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-11-21 Read post

U.S. Plans to Process Every Employment-Based Green Card This Year
Is your priority date current?

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-09-23 Read post

USCIS Reaches Fiscal Year 2023 H-1B Cap
USCIS has sent out non-selection notifications to registrants’ online accounts.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-08-30 Read post

CIS Ombudsman Reports That USCIS Backlogs Create an “Avalanche” of Problems
USCIS backlogs are not new, but the new CIS Ombudsman’s Annual Report highlights the “avalanche” effect that they create.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-07-26 Read post

The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa
Looking to start a business venture in the U.S.? The E-2 Visa may be right for you.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-06-07 Read post

USCIS Increases Automatic Extension Period for Employment Authorization Documents

New rule as of May 4, 2022 will help avoid gaps in employment for many foreign nationals

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-05-17 Read post

AILA Flyer - Expediting Visa Appointments

Latest PDF copy of AILA Flyer on Expediting NIV Visa Appointments

Posted by Documents on 2022-04-28 Read post

USCIS Issues Revised Guidance on O-1 Eligibility Criteria

USCIS clarifies how it evaluates an O-1 extraordinary ability alien's prospective work.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-04-21 Read post